Ted Bundy, The Serial Killer

Ted Bundy, The Serial Killer

The life of a serial killer.

Ted Bundy has been described as the most notorious serial killer of young women in the 1980’s and has woken up the fear in most families that serial killers do exist, and can be found in any community. Most people who contemplate the personality of a serial killer are stunned by the grace and manipulation that Ted Bundy portrayed leading his victims to death. It has been revealed in documentation and research— that Ted Bundy suffered abuse as a child from near-by relatives such as an Uncle and his parents. Does abuse lead to the beginnings of a serial killer’s mind? Why did Ted Bundy choose women over men? The reasoning behind Ted Bundy’s killings can be considered in the realm of anti-social personality disorder but still remains a mystery.

The Life of Known Serial Killer Ted Bundy

Why did Ted Bundy kill women? Why did he choose this double life that so-called hated and predisposed nature of destroying lives? The phenomenon stood as I remembered as most women in their teenage years were under strict curfew to stay inside of their homes. Parents of these young women feared the unknown secondary to the known killings of women by Ted Bundy. It was hush, hush throughout most small towns. Maybe not talking about it would keep him away? All I knew was as a young woman I was not allowed to sit on the front steps of my house after dark and to not walk alone anywhere in the small town I lived in for the fear that Ted Bundy could be around any corner waiting for a vulnerable moment. Ted Bundy the serial killer of woman was on the loose!

Ted’s Childhood into High School

It is believed that Ted Bundy’s childhood contributed to the essence of the innate want to the nature of his killings. According to author J Gilks, he was born to, Eleanor Cowell at the Elizabeth Lund Home for Unwed Mothers in Burlington, Vt. Nov. 24, 1946. She concocts a story about the father being a war veteran, but the family doesn’t believe it. Some suspicion has fallen on her father, Samuel, but Bundy’s father has not been revealed. Secondary to possible stigmas Ted’s grandparents’ gave ted his last name “Colwell” and adopted him secondary to the concerns of the violent and abusive behaviors of his father” (Gilks, 2007). According to J. Gilks, for the first few years of his life lived with maternal grandparents and mother. After a move to Washington Ted’s mother met Johnny Culpepper Bundy and married him. Ted’s last name then changed to Bundy. Ted spent most of time babysitting and remained detached from his stepfather emotionally. In high school ted became introverted and felt he “hit a wall”, secondary to not understanding the socialization aspect of life itself. He didn’t understand friendships and why people wanted friends. During high school Ted became a thief and shop lifter. He also became interested in images of sex and the interrelationship of violence. (Gilks, 2007).

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Anon, posted this comment on Aug 30th, 2008

I was sexually abused as a child by my father, more than once, over a period of 2 years. I am not a serial killer and I am not defending child predators, molesters or anything in resemblance of. Often I believe offering confessions of child abuse or molestation is just an easy way of “getting out of it”. It is not a fair statement to say that most people who suffer this torment early in life and have to remember it for the rest of their life turn out to be “products of the system” or even worse.

myself, posted this comment on Sep 30th, 2008

peole take things in differently.I myself think that it my run threw the genes.His father was abusive.he mite have got his desieres from his father but in a diffrent way!

jes, posted this comment on Feb 28th, 2009

i think that his abuse has a great effect on what he has done. not only is it proven but it is just a simple test of common sense. maybe the abuse wasnt the whole reason why but im sure it was a major one.

Kitty, posted this comment on Apr 2nd, 2009

I admire ted bundy for going after what he wants, If no girls are gonna give it to him then he might as well take it.

smart one, posted this comment on Apr 6th, 2009

I believe that any person who kills because of his/her past are using it as a way out of life. I have been sexually and physically abused and i dont go and hurt other people for what has happend in my past

Haley, posted this comment on Apr 6th, 2009

#4 is a sick and twisted response to this article
no female in this world deserves to be tormented and abused

rembrandt, posted this comment on Apr 30th, 2009

i think an artist or a killer is born with different levels of all types of abillitys, some people are natural born killers, or natual born painters, or singers, and if influenced in any of these areas you can become any, and serial killers are taught violence at an early age they can become killers, its just like giveing your kid a box of crayons he may become an artist, give him piano lessons, he may become a musician, teach him violence he may become ted bundy, the formula is dirty magazines + family violence = serial killer

Natalie, posted this comment on Nov 27th, 2009

This is a response to Kitty, I believe that was not a very good statement it is people like you that make people like that.If everyone went around taking what they wanted this world wouldnt last long.That is whats wrong with the world already.

Steve, posted this comment on Aug 29th, 2010

“It is not a fair statement to say that most people who suffer this torment early in life and have to remember it for the rest of their life turn out to be “products of the system” or even worse.”

It doesn’t happen to a lot of people, but sadly, many do turn out to be products of the system……….or worse. That’s just the sad reality.

@Smart one: I’m glad you were able to overcome such. There is no excuse for what Bundy did. But if he truly was abused, then the public should know about it. Many people don’t realize just how badly abuse, especially the physical kind, can screw up a person.

Janaye, posted this comment on Nov 4th, 2010

Ted Bundy is sick but I admire him because of his intelegence. he had a problem if we vhte people would help people like that insted of killing them to get them out of our hair then people might learn how to rely, help, and protect each other, than I think this world would get better.

niceguy, posted this comment on Jan 28th, 2011

What world coming to Ted bundy number 1 serial killer the prince of. Darkness

nice guy do bizarre things, posted this comment on Jan 28th, 2011

What world coming to Ted bundy number 1 serial killer the prince of. Darkness

Grace Rose, posted this comment on Mar 31st, 2011

I lived in “Bundyland” back in the mid ’80s to mid ’90s, just outisde Seattle, WA. Whenever you live in the same area that this happens, you are privvy to inside information that does not make it to the national spotlight.
A few things I recall hearing/reading were as follows:
1. I knew a woman who worked at a convenience store/gas station on Snoqualmie Pass. She said Ted came in there one night and the talked for about 2 hours. She said you never in a million years would have suspected him of such a thing.
2. Ted actually found out he was illegitimate from another child when he was about 12 years old.
3. While Ted did start (apparently) his killing via small animals, it was reported in the Seattle Times that he may have killed his first human when he was 12. There was a girl about his age who had a crush on him and would follow him around, which apparently he did not like. She came up missing, and when they found her body, the only piece of evidence they found anywhere near her was one of Ted Bundy’s tennis shoes…too bad they didn’t have dna tests in those days, or they could have saved a lot of lives.
4. In another, earlier book about Ted that I read, THE ONLY LIVING WITNESS, written by two Seattle homicide detectives who went to Florida after Ted’s arrest and extensively interviewed him, one of the detectives stated that Ted had asked him when he still lived in Seattle what states still enforced capital punishment (said detective and Ted knew each other at that time). Ironically, Florida was one of the states the detective told him about.
5. Also, in this same book, although Ted had not confessed to being the killer, he did refer to the killer [in the third person] as “the hunchback”, and later pled not guilty based on this hunchback being an alter personality, separate from Ted.
6. Ted also had a hideout just outside Falls City, WA, about 20 miles from Seattle, It was a cabin tucked away in the woods, and near one of his dumping grounds.
Just thought I would post this additional info for anyone who’s interested.

Grace Rose, posted this comment on Mar 31st, 2011

Anyone hear or read anything about the possibility of Ted being a Montauk Boy?? Because I have……..as well as possibly being related to McGeorge Bundy, a former Washington politician.

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